Pearl Fuch Refinishing

Michael Pshenishny pshenm at
Thu Feb 7 16:05:25 EST 2002

Yup, you're right, the Porsche Fuchs are an anodized finish originally
and those are ATS. Found this site that knows Porsche wheels inside and
So now I guess I need to find out if the Audi Fuchs are anodized or just
painted, or a combination too.

Mike Pshenishny

"Dupree, Jim" wrote:
> I don't know much about wheel finishes but the wheels they are doing in this
> procedure are NOT Fuchs wheels. The Cookie Cutter wheels are a cast wheels
> by ATS. Good cheap wheel for a Porsche available in 6x15 and 7x15, common
> for us auto-crossers. They just have a painted finish and the Porsche Fuchs
> wheels have an anoidized finish. I don't know what the Audi Fuchs wheels
> have.
> Thanks
> Jim

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