transmission pinion bearing

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Fri Feb 8 09:40:55 EST 2002

right on! Most of the 016 bearings are available but the pinion bearing for the quattro transmission is only available from the dealer at the tune of 300 bucks.


PS I've had good experience with Japanese bearings, but avoid mexican bearings like the plague.

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> Check out your local bearing supply outlet.  Most of these bearing are
> standard sizes -  available from a variety of manufacturers.  According to my
> supplier, avoid the Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, bearings, US are
> better, German are best.  If the bearing you need is a "special order" check
> out some of the Porsche suppliers such as Performance Products, Tweeks etc.
> The 944 uses the Audi 5 speed and bearings are available.
> HTHs, Jan Lahtonen

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