Importing Audi from Canada

Livolsi, Stephane Stephane.Livolsi at
Fri Feb 8 09:56:14 EST 2002

Hey, you just be leaving those Audi's up here where you found 'em, eh?  :)

Seriously though, wish I could help, but I don't know the answer for you.


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> Subject: 	Importing Audi from Canada
> Does anyone know the exact procedure and requirements for importing an
> S4/6
> from Canada?  Car is Canadian spec.  Does the speedometer need to be
> modified?  Any other mods required?  Is some sort of certificate of
> compliance required from Audi?  Are there import duties or taxes required?
> How does one drive it across the border?
> Looking for a clean, low-mileage S4 or S6...  doesn't have to be Candian!
> -- Rich
>    '90 Audi 200
>    '83 Coupe GT

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