Rear E Brake Help??

Tim Leonard nard1 at
Sat Feb 9 04:05:55 EST 2002

I was just into one last week and tried removal of the threaded rod with no
luck. How did you do that? I removed the retaining ring and thought it
should just pull out. I did not want to damage the threads. I ended up
buying a rebuilt but wanted to see if I could repair the old one first with
nothing to lose except my tinkering time.
Subject: Re: Rear E Brake Help??

> --
> The emergency brake lever is held into the caliper housing by a small
> peanut-shaped rod that fits between a concavity in the lever shaft and a
> concavity in the bottom of the threaded rod on which the brake piston
> rides.  To remove the E-brake lever, you need to remove the threaded rod
> from inside the cylinder, which requires extracting an internal C-clip and
> pulling out the rod.  That releases the peanut, which then allows for
> sliding out the E-brake lever.  The chamber into which the E-brake lever
> fits and the peanut-shaped rod are packed in a paste that looks like a
> thick petroleum jelly.  I can never remember whether it's 17, a lithium
> grease, or 18, a lubricating paste, from this
> image:

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