Rear Brake update and question.

BBBurban at BBBurban at
Sat Feb 9 04:48:44 EST 2002

    Thanks to all that replied with great info on what I was in store for.
Turns out the bleeder broke off on the caliper (even after penetrating oil
and heat) and then the E-Z out as well.  Found complete rebuilt caliper for
$100 including pads, carrier, pins, boots, ect, so just went ahead and got it.

    Went to install and it refused to bleed out.  Couldn't get much of
anything out of the bleeder while pumping the brakes both with the engine off
and with it running for extra boost.  I was working the pedal and my friend
(experienced wrench) was running the bleeder.  The only way we were able to
get any air out was too leave the bleeder open and let it bubble out slowly
by itself.  My friend thinks this is most likely caused by an internally
damaged hose on that caliper.  Any opinions on this?

    2nd question would be my E brake isn't holding on hills like it used to
after I changed the caliper.  Do these self adjust or do I have to turn out
the piston in order to get a bit more bite on the rotors?

Thanks everyone .... every response is very much appreciated.

Hank 90q20v

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