bought the V8 continued

Steve Kramer skramer at
Sat Feb 9 21:52:45 EST 2002

Had my local mechanic shop do a tune up on the car and look into any
possible problems.
here is the

the good news
1. all the cv boots are in fine shape - no tears
2. all the brake pads and rotors are good
3. no differential leaks
4. they attempted to do the timing belt but did not have the necessary tool
5. the timing belt looks good - they said it looks like it was changed at
about 90k
6.  said the timing was perfect. - I still will change it over this year.
7.  abs is in great shape.
8. ignition is good
9. no transmission leaks

the bad news.

1. there is a moaning/dragging coming on from the rear wheels when I let off
of the accelerator at higher speeds
      - had them check the differentials - they are fine - no leaks  may be
wheel bearings
3.  there is an oil leak that is coming from a gasket in the engine
4.  the front passenger door window does not roll down or up the last 1".
seems to be something pinching. wondering if there is an adjustment.
5.  the interior courtesy lights are not connected- door and overhead lights
will stay on even when switched into proper position.  dimming control on
dash does not work. - lights in center ashtray and under driver and
passenger areas aren't on. - i think last owner did some alterations when he
installed new sony head unit.
6.   the had to replace the serpentine belt.
7.  as said before the fuel pump is going. a noticable hiss.

Could you all help me with this as I am new to the V8.


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