steam from defrost vents

Phil Payne quattro at
Sun Feb 10 23:24:50 EST 2002

>   There is steam/smoke coming from the defrost vents
> on my 90 200tq, I had the CC on OFF and the steam was
> commin from the vents, and when I turned on the
> defrost I could smell coolant and the window is foggy
> but doesn't appear to be filmy
> seems to be more noticeable when I'm drivin than
> siting at a light
> gauge read around 1/4 to 1/2 but got there in a hurry
> I all so haven't lost any coolant that I'm awair of.

Had heavy rain recently?  Sounds like the drains under the blower
between the firewall and the rear bulkhead are blocked.

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