Question for Team Temp Sender Wiring [88 90q]

Mike Robinson fastaudi90 at
Sun Feb 10 21:41:41 EST 2002

Hey all,

A monkey mechanic replaced my original temp sender (4 prong) w/ one that
is not the same (3 prong).  I have been told by Rod @TPC that this is
now the correct one.  The mechanic who installed it (Edward Novak in
SF)  had no idea what he was doing when he saw the prong differences.
He ended up cutting the connector clip and then wired the wires
directly.  Bottom line he messed up and I disconnected the wiring so the
warning light would stop flashing.  Well I want to wire it properly.
The new sender has the three prongs in an L shaped configuration.  Does
anyone know the proper wiring for each prong?  The 4 wires I have to
connect to the three prongs are BL/YL, BL/WT, BL/BK and BL/BR.  There
are no markings on the sender for each prong.  I appreciate any help on
showing me which wire goes where.  TIA.

Mike Robinson

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