caliper return spring cam cleaning

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Feb 11 06:44:16 EST 2002

You can't separate the E-brake lever from the caliper without disassembling
the caliper from inside its cylinder.  There's a part internal to the
chamber in the caliper for the E-brake lever that only allows a little
movement in and out for that lever.  So, the answer to your question is
that the lever only moves in and out a bit.  Lube there on an old, rusty
lever is something that probably will have to be done routinely (every
couple of months) if you haven't totally stripped down/cleaned up/relubed
the caliper internals.

At 09:50 PM 02/10/2002 -0500, WAUFX at wrote:

>I am in the middle of trying to free up the return springs on my old
>off-the-car 90q rear calipers, inspired by Fred Munro's post about his
>webpage for doing this on S-4 calipers.
>I just need to confirm one thing, the cam that rotates and is all rusty is
>NOT supposed to completely disconnect from the caliper, right? It's just
>supposed to pull out about 1/2" from the caliper?
>Fred says "Pop the cam in & out a few times, liberally applying lube. The cam
>should now return to the stop on
>  its own, even without the assistance of the return spring."
>Fred, or anyone, do you mean push it in and out or completely separate it
>from the caliper? Thanks!

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