NE Spring/Summer GTG

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Mon Feb 11 07:43:24 EST 2002

I have to second that... I would be coming from RI and my drive time would
be about the same as Josh's.  I would like to do another get together in
eastern NE even if this one is still going on though.


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While that sounds like a great idea, and as much as I
like all you guys, I don't think I'll be attending if
this is the spot we choose.

Just not up for an 8+ hour round trip drive to hang

Ever hear that expression "You can't please all the
people all of the time?"  It admirable that a middling
spot is being chosen, but honestly I think we may just
want to splinter off into smaller groups...  That way
the people in the greater Boston area have a GTG and
those in upper and lower NE who want to come can.
Then those out in NY or CT or something can have one
and the Boston people can decide if they want to

Picking someplace where everyone has to drive a
distance seems to doom the attendance...

Just my thoughts...


Josh Wyte
Momentum Motorsports
508-833-3024 After 5 pm EST

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