[V8] v8 detailing

Zsolt zed123 at telusplanet.net
Mon Feb 11 09:56:27 EST 2002

I couldn't agree more. I like the car with no badges. It's nice and clean.

Also, I think pinstripes don't belong to a car. There is no European car
that I know of that do have pinstripes. Where did this invention come
from anyway?

my $0.02

Ed Kellock wrote:

> With all due respect, I would not add any detailing that the car did not
> come with from the factory.  prior to 1992, the V8 quattro had no badges
> except for the four rings in the center of the trunk lid.  No V8 on the back
> or front, no quattro on the back or front.  And pinstripes are for suits.
> Again, all due respect, my opinion only.  Carry on and enjoy.
> Ed
> Colorado Springs

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