re. 20v urq: Synth or semi-synth?

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Mon Feb 11 20:33:53 EST 2002

>As much as I'm an advocate of Synth and my favorite is Castrol Syntec 5W50,
>my experience with the Blends has not been positive.  Go with straight dino
>or synth, and even OK to mis them, but for some reason, the synthetic blend
>did not seem to hold up any better than conventional, in both marine,
>chevy, and VW/Audi motors I used it in.  If I recall, it especially was
>more prone to high temp hard running operation eg. Boat running close to
>WOT continuously - the stuff tended to thin out like water.
>My results with Syntec have been nothing but positive, despite the
>additional cost.  You can extend the change interval without worrying about
>it, and use it year round.

Thanks Ben!
I think we'll use Castrol RS 10W60 (Racing Syntec) on the next oil change
and we'll see the results! I've been pretty happy with this oil in my NA
car but it used too much of it (1 quart every 600 miles on city use and
1qt/100-1200 miles on highway use) and at 15$ a quart I chose to switch
back to dyno oil...


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