possible lister sighting in Mesa, AZ -- Confirmed!

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Tue Feb 12 05:46:40 EST 2002

Ok, here is the decal information again:

At 11:19 PM 2/11/02, auditude at neta.com wrote:

>Yeah, I sometimes think about trying to show my Audi keys to
>people, but I don't think I could turn off the ignition, show the keys,
>and restart the car fast enough. <g>
>Is there a url for q-list sticker info, or is it word of mouth?
Hi Y'all,

Q-list recognition decals are available and in hand for immediate shipping.=
  These decals will permit a quick highway identification of list members a=
nd are presumed to be list approved badge engineering.  :-)  Guaranteed to =
provide up to an additional 550 or more horsepower - each.  :-)  (Not reall=
y=2E)  I have two of them on my car.  One near top center of the front wind=
shield where it is hidden from my view by the mirror and a second one in th=
e lower right corner of the rear windshield where it does not interfere wit=
h rear vision.


The decals are a static-cling vinyl material.  No adhesive is required.  Th=
ey are instantly removable and replaceable and are designed for application=
 inside a window and to be read from the outside.  When removed from the ca=
r window no visible trace of its former presence will remain.  They are 3" =
wide by 2" high (~75mm by ~50mm) white ovals with a large black stylized "Q=
" and the q-list URL "http://www.audifans.com" curved along the lower edge =
in smaller type.  An image and a mock-up photo of one on Tom Nas' car are a=
vailable at:

http://members.tripod.lycos.nl/AudiJunk/index.html  (Click on the decal lin=

If you prefer I can send you a (low resolution) gif of the decal.

Purchase procedure (USA):  Send a check payable in US$ for the correct amou=
nt (US$2.50 for each decal, $5 for 2, $10 for 4, etc. Two per car recommend=
ed.) plus a SASE (self addressed, stamped envelope) to:

Robert Myers
Rt. 4, Box 57
Fayetteville, WV 25840

Non-USA shipments:  We can work something out.  Contact me for suggestions.=
  PayPal is, unfortunately, not an option.

Disclaimer:  This is a non-profit (personal profit, that is) effort.  Any p=
rofits, after printing and shipping expenses are paid, will be sent to our =
"Beloved Listmeister, Dan" to help defray list expenses.

Post script:  expenses have been met and Dan has received funds approaching=
 $700.  More is to go to him before long.

Note added 6/22/2001:  another $165 was mailed to Dan yesterday.

Note added 2/12/2002:  additional funds have been sent since the pervious n=

  Robert L. Myers   304-574-2372
  Rt. 4, Box 57,  Fayetteville, WV 25840 USA   WV tag Q SHIP
  '95 urS6  Cashmere Grey - der Wunderwagen    ICQ 22170244

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