20v urq report..pretty long

Dave Eaton Dave.Eaton at clear.net.nz
Wed Feb 13 07:32:15 EST 2002

unlike the other 20vts, the engine number on the rr is located at the *rear*
of the engine, just under the exhaust manifold i.e. the same side as the
usual engine code location, but at the rear, not the front.  it can be
disconcerting to look in the usual location and see a blank.  you will need
a mirror to see it properly.

the diagnostic ports are located in the rhs footwell (remember mine is a
rhd).  i'd assume that this means it is in the passenger footwell on your
car.  they are located just to the rear of the dash trim, located
vertically, and before the cardboard trim starts (if you understand what i
mean).  vag-com (wonderful tool) works just fine on the rr, but you just get
the basic measurement blocks, and no other fancy stuff.  still that is all
you require.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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At 16:52 11/02/2002 +1300, David Eaton wrote:
>excellent news - congratulations.
>as you say, cambelt, idler and wp should be done.  thermo switch and
>after-run pump always a good idea to check, (they both went on mine).
>having just replaced the engine mounts (the old ones were fine btw), these
>probably only need a look.  also, did you check the codes?

Thanks for your answer Dave!
We wanted to check the codes but didn't find the damn connectors in the
driver's side footwell....where the hell can they be?
Also, where is the engine code (RR) located exactly? We looked after this
during half an hour and didn't find this *%£@#&!!!!

>wrt the engine mounts, the fa doesn't show it, but the later engine mounts
>still require the associated pieces on the exhaust side which the fa shows
>for the wr.  these comprise the large rubberised washer, the rubber cover
>and the plastic sleeves for the m10 mounting bolts.  fyi.

Thanks for the info!
We'll check everything carefully anyway!


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