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Tue Feb 12 18:48:39 EST 2002

Yup--people in the NE may want to drive, but don't have to. I live in L.A.;
we have to drive to the grocery store.  Have a list of errands you have to
run? Better knock it down to 1.  In L.A., you're always at least 30 min.
away from wherever you're trying to go...etc etc etc.

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>Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 17:01:27
>>Why do the people in the NE _NEVER_ want to drive anywhere?
>Because we don't have to.  Lots of diversity nearby.  Why travel?  City is
>1/2 hour from suburbs.  Cape Cod is 1 hour away.  White mountains are 2.
>Green mountains are 3.  Sure, we're local.  But if you think we're bad, see
>Manhattanites.  Someone on the East Side thinks the West side is too far.
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