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Phil Payne quattro at isham-research.com
Wed Feb 13 00:23:09 EST 2002

> I believe he sampled several of the dozens(and I do mean -dozens-)
> microbrews and other beers available, and I didn't hear much in the
> way of complaining; in fact, he was yelled at for attempting to
> one final brew out the door.

A gross caulmny.

> He managed to get it outside, but was about to take a sip when he
> intercepted by a rather large member of the staff who
> slightly-less-than-tactfully explained that consumption of his beer
> on the sidewalk would cause them to loose their liquor license,
> would displease them, and could he please be kind enough to conduct
> himself like a proper gentleman and consume it inside at the bar or
> table.
> ...and yes, I am phrasing it VERY differently from the way she did

No, no - I'd finished it.  It was when I handed the empty glass back
through the door that the colourful language started.  The fun bit was
that I didn't realise you could carry lethal weapons but not harmless
beer on public streets - it's the other way round in Europe - and all
you guys kept crowding round me to hide it from the local militia.

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