87.5 GT NG ECU wiring

Marc Swanson marcswanson at mediaone.net
Tue Feb 12 21:00:34 EST 2002

> OK - Thanks Mark, very helpful.
> Did you actually separate the ECU Harnesses?  I hadn't considered that, but
> I guess that could be easier and end up with the same result.  Did you use
> the CISE3 Fuel distributor, or the CISE?

I haven't yet, but I will separate the harnesses.  In the end the ignition
and fuel harness will be blended together when it comes out of the firewall.
I made that diagram to help me when I go to break the harness apart.

I will be using an 034EFI computer to fuel my 4ktq using the CISIII ignition
system to retain knock sensing/retard without the sillyness of keeping the
MAC11 just for ignition.


87 4ktq
88 90q

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