stroker I-5?

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Tue Feb 12 22:19:19 EST 2002

Its been done, but hardly popular, only a few examples really.  One way to do
it is to aquire the Eurovan bottom end, bolts up more or less to any of the
10v heads, though there are timing belt length issues to deal with, but if
you keep the EV timing belt, etc its not too bad.  Only problem is the EV
block does not have oil squirters (which can be machined to fit) or any
provision for turbo charging as in oil line exit/return or places to mount
the Motronic hall senders on the block for the flywheel.

Using the 95.5mm crank, stock rods, custom pistons can be made moving up the
wrist pin, but this reduces the top ring land making the pistons more prone
to detonation damage.  Conversly, stock pistons can be used with custom
shrotened rods shrotened.  In the MC, however, the stock 136 mm rods start
getting real short once you knock another 4.5mm off them, but its doable.

I have sourced a 92.8mm crank that I am building a stroker motor around.
With a bore of 82.5mm this will give me about 2.45l or so.  I will be
sourcing custom rods and pistons to maximize the rod ratio.  I am also using
a 20v head.


<< Hi all,

 Has anyone done a stroker conversion, NA or turbo?
 The Eurovan stroke is 95.5mm vs Audi's 86.4mm.
 You could end up at 2550cc with huge torque. Just wondering what would be
 needed other than crank and pistons or rods.

 And with a turbo......

 I know in the Z community, turbo strokers are rare. How about here?

 Brady Moffatt
 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
 86 4ksq, 280,000km
 72 Datsun 240Z, 180,000 miles

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