Mt. Washington Hill Climb cancelled for 2002

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Feb 12 22:34:02 EST 2002

At 5:50 PM -0800 2/12/02, Bob wrote:
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>Yeah, I was reading that. Its serious bad news.

It's not new, however.  A little birdie told me, at least year's
event, quietly, that Audi wasn't coming back.  If the little birdie
knew, Mt Washington organizers must have known as well, so I'm
surprised they didn't have someone else lined up in time.

>  What the hell am I going to do now? Geez, I have 1
>thing a year to look forward to, then they cancelled it?!

This echoes the sentiment of a lot of people here in the NE, I'm
sure.  It was a great event, a real family/social thing where
everyone got a chance to just kick back, relax, catch up with
friends, have some great car talk, watch all sorts of fun cars go
zipping up the mountain, etc...<sigh>.

>   It sounds like it may NEVER come back
>too. Geez.

$20 says Ford or Chevy steps in, although you'd think that if that
were true, they would have stepped in for this year...unless
financial strains are just too great this year.

>Anyone know why audi pulled out?

Some guesses:

a)Audi doesn't 'do' rallying anymore(see B) and basically Mt
Washington has stopped sneaking under management's noses

b)the big fiery crash probably caught Audi's attention big time(see
A)...remember the line about how Audi didn't want to see 4 rings on
the chest of any spectators?  I bet some exec winced when they heard
about how the kid rescued the driver...their line of thinking was
probably, "Great, a driver AND a young kid almost got killed,

c)Frank Sprongl's performance at Mt. Washington lately has been
so-so, or others are getting better, so it's not a guaranteed thing
that the local head of AoA gets to hand a nice shiny trophy to


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