Bad Drivetrain Vibration / Noise

BBBurban at BBBurban at
Tue Feb 12 23:31:08 EST 2002

Patient: 1990 90q20v  157,000 miles


    CV like noise and slight vibration occurring behind shifter and
occasionally towards rear end at times.  This only happens during coasting
with no compression braking.  Seems to have to have a relatively low wheel
speed as well to occur.  I realize this is most likely a transmission to rear
end driveshaft problem (just what I need after getting laid off).


    Does this also sound like the driveshaft to you?  If so I don't have a
garage to work in or a car to drive so most likely will have to bring it to a
shop.  While the shaft is out what else should I have looked at?  The shop I
have in mind I have known for 13 years so I know they will do a good job but
I doubt they have done a drive shaft job on this car before so any info you
folks could provide that I could pass along would be great.  I have read the
20v site on this job but find the collective wisdom of the list to be as
helpful (if not more) as any website can be. Any part numbers, tech advice as
well as financial would be great.  Thanks again all.....

Hank 90q20v

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