Motor mounts

Wed Feb 13 08:03:06 EST 2002

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The 10v tand the 20vt urq's share the same heat shields Dave.  For more, look
at the heat shields they use on the 200t.  Not only a fairly large heat
shield, but also a cooling hose that attaches to the motor mount itself.
200t motor mounts fail too.  Left side motor mounts can last a good long
time.  Right side motor mounts fail on all turbo cars, EITHER from separation
or they just dry out.  At 100k, they have failed from age and heat.  I
stopped keeping the various medal winners in my shop, I don't have a wall big
enough anymore.

The interesting thing about these motor mounts is how they resonate when
either cold or aged/trashed.  When a new one is cold you get the same
resonance that you do when they get old.  I installed a new MM for Steamboat,
moved the oil cooler and made a scoop for the motor mount.  Until the turbo
heated up, the resonance in the front end felt and sounded very familiar.
Also a good indication that cooling that mount is a good idea.  However, in
the urq, it's shutoff that hurts the mounts more than running, that underhood
temp gets really high, and you have an oil cooler that is also heat soaked
sitting right under the MM as well.

Better ways to skin the cat, btdt. 20vt cars MM last longer than 10vt motor
mounts, but not by 10 fold, not even close to twice as long.   That right
side motor mount needs airflow during running and shutoff.  I'm not at all
convinced that any turbo audi motor mount "lasts" for 100k.  Failure is not
necessarily separation.  For more on this measure the land deck height
compared to new.

My .02 arbitraged thru the peso.

Dave Eaton writes:
this is not required on the 20v ur-q, as there is a large heat shield under
the turbo covering the engine mount (not the inlet manifold heat shield).
to r&r the mount, you need to remove the shield first.  perhaps because of
this, the mounts were in very good shape on my 11-year old 100k kms car.

ditto rs2.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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