new fuel pump details

Brady Moffatt bradym at
Thu Feb 14 11:14:05 EST 2002

Not to mention the fact that "a few years ago" makes the comparison a bit
iffy. I've been guilty of that one myself a few times!


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From: "David Conner" <conner at>

> Since Stephane was talking Canadian dollars I'd say he did get a good
> price... about equal to $150 USD.
> Especially good since the Pierburg is supposed to be a better pump and the
> preferred replacement unit.
> Dave C.
> Bill replied...
> I hate to burst your bubble, but that appears a bit steep compared to
> the Bosch unit I installed a few yrs ago.  I think I only paid US $175.
> It may be that the Pierburg is superior but you can never go wrong w/
> Bosch.
> Stephane wrote...
> Got my fuel pump from VM Autohaus yesterday.
> Looks good.  Price was $236 Can, came to $269.04 taxes in.  This must be
> a great deal for US listers, no?
> Anyway, pump is made by Pierburg in Germany. Build 'looks' solid and of
> good quality. Package comes with new crush washers and zip ties.  There
> is also a metal threaded cap that I haven't been able to figure what it
> is for.

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