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That sounds like the same Pierburg unit I got for my 1990 200q.
But uhhh....I paid $160 USD for it last fall. Mail order from Foreign Auto
Parts in MI, USA.

That included nut is for fastening the high pressure line to the top of
the pump. You don't need to re-use the Bosch noise dampener 'nut' with
this pump. Too that in the trash.

During my install...I discovered the the hose clamps for the vapor hose
and fuel return lines (internal and external) were too difficult to
re-use. I recommend having 4 replacements in hand.
As well as a few more crush washers. The provided ones only cover the pump
body. You need at least two more for the banjo bolt above the tank access

HTH and best of luck.


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Subject: new fuel pump details
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Got my fuel pump from VM Autohaus yesterday.

Looks good.  Price was $236 Can, came to $269.04 taxes in.  This must be a
great deal for US listers, no?

Anyway, pump is made by Pierburg in Germany. Build 'looks' solid and of
quality. Package comes with new crush washers and zip ties.  There is also
metal threaded cap that I haven't been able to figure what it is for.

This pump is definitely skinnier than the one I took out. It has a plastic
shroud around it to make it thicker and thus fit in the mounting.  Also,
the original pump the wires going to the pump were held on to a stud with
nut. On the replacement, the wires are not removable and the harness is
integral to the pump.

All in all, I'm happy.  I think this goes to show that it pays to shop

Now on Saturday comes the 900km round trip to go put the pump back in.
bonus part is the compact snow covered section we'll be travelling in my
5ktq and Tihol's 90Q.  Video cam and still cam are already packed!

Soon to be pumping



William Ng
1990 200 quattro
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