ASAP help needed regarding coolant question

Dave Hord spokes at
Thu Feb 14 11:55:23 EST 2002


I just got back from court. I'm off the hook, they withdrew the charge.

I made quite an impression on the prosecuter with my preparation (he said so).
I had a gallon of VW coolant, the Materials Safety Data Sheets for the product
(okay, another brand coolant, but he never asked).

George Selby had a good point that if it truely was an emergency I would've
stopped at the nearest point of water and dealt with it, which the prosecuter
pointed out.

Fortunetly, I had proof that not only do I have a complete tripping first aid-
kit at home, I also had a chemical spills and burn kit as well. (University
Chemistry student at the time)

Not knowing _what_ it was burning my leg, I felt it was prudent to get to the
kit, so if water didn't help or made it worse, I had other options.

Oh well, it's all water under the bridge now...


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