keeping your puppy alive - Re: Dead Puppy

scott miller macatawa at
Fri Feb 15 01:55:43 EST 2002

>IMO, nothing feels like the type44T

That's the problem I had recently.  I drove a bunch of newer quattros, but
they didn't feel as nice as mine at 200k.  They felt ordinary.  My three
brothers and I have all owned and loved older quattros.  Two owned two newer
V6 versions each, they weren't fun to own, and had lots of troubles.  They
gave up on quattros.  My other brother and I are still happy with our older
quattros.  I'm giving mine to my daughter, I've found a used car that is,
for me, as fun to own as my q has been.

Scott Miller
Holland, MI
'90 200qa
'97 Landcruiser
'00 Sienna

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