V8 Chips

Steve Kramer skramer at mac.com
Fri Feb 15 11:52:15 EST 2002


I will look and get back to the group on my shifting speeds with sport mode.
as i am a neophyte in this area, i feel that i move faster off the line with
the sport mode.

just last night, feb 14th, had me and my wife go head to head with a Subaru
:( sport.

Switched to sport,

lights turned green. dropped the pedal to the metal.
he was edging me in first but man did i blow by him when i got to 2nd. so
i'd say in the first 50 yards we were even, 75 yards he was ahead 1/2 car
and by 90 yards i was ahead a full car length.

we were doing 50 right by the Police Station!!!! What the hell :-))

An audi performance car - imagine that.

on a separate note Augustus is completely badged - inside and out. :-)

I will be posting my pictures shortly to the registry.

Steve Kramer

90 V8QB (badged)

> From: DasWolfen at aol.com
> Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 22:14:22 EST
> To: skramer at mac.com
> Subject: Re: V8 Chips
> Steve,
> There should be no real difference in acceleration between sport and economy
> modes. The Sport mode makes the tranny upshift at a higher RPM at any given
> throttle position. It makes the tranny downshift faster if you are already
> moving along, and in most 1990/91 models it delays the shift into 4th until
> well past 100mph, I think 124mph is the figure. That said, with the tranny in
> economy and full throttle applied the transmission should not upshift until
> 6500rpm. If yours does the full throttle switch on the throttle cable has
> failed, is out of adjustment, or something is stopping the pedal from
> reaching full down.
> Switching back and forth should make no difference at all to the tranny. I
> do it myself on the highway when I decide a ricer has annoyed me long enough.
> Sometimes just the sound of that downshift is enough to make them back off,
> but if I'm lucky they're too hardheaded to get the point! =0)
> Changing the chip is easy. Getting the Motronic apart to the point where you
> can actually get to the chip is not so easy.
> Keith

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