[A4] mesh grill in engine bay near windshield

Rocket Science Racing rocketscienceracing at mediaone.net
Sat Feb 16 10:36:46 EST 2002

Hi all,

I did finally get one of those grills, from what model year I'm not certain,
but it does fit perfectly on my 98 A4. HOWEVER, right now it just sits on
the gasket that separates the main engine bay from the battery/etc. bay. The
front curve matches the curve of the gasket exactly when laid on top of the
gasket (not pressed into it from the side), and there are small tabs on the
bottom of the grill that act to locate the grill laterally against the

So the question now is: for those of you who have models equipped with this
grill, how is this thing held on to the car?



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