FS: Audi 100/200 manuals + other parts

Samir Shah sshobby at optonline.net
Sun Feb 17 12:43:28 EST 2002

Hi everyone! After getting bumped off @home, (I was formerly known as
gofast1 at home.com), I'm finally back up with a new ISP.

Trying to clean up my house and garage in anticipation of a new baby -
selling the last of my Audi 200tqa stuff.

I've got: a) 200tqa's manuals (I put them on ebay, but will cancel the
auction if anyone here wants them).


b) A rebuilt alternator, (the higher amp one, I forget if its 115 or 125,
its not the 90). This is pretty young, the PO had put in on, but it was
throwing belts, so I replaced it with a good used one. When I had them both
side by side, I determined that the rebuilt unit had an extra washer (or
was misassembled) - you'd need to compare it to what you have on now to get
all the pulley parts in the right order. $100/bo.
Also have an extra bracket to convert a 90 amp car to use this unit $15

c) Audi roof rack cross bars - very nice, TUV approved, adjustable,
alumiumium, locks.  $125? I think these will fit the 200 and A6 avants

d) Thule roof rack 'adapters' - you need your own cross bars - I'm keeping
mine. 60% of cost, need to figure this out they've only been used a couple
of times.

I ended up getting 7k+ for my 200 avant, for those of you who remember my
saga with it.

Thanks! I'm still lurking, although, since I don't have an Audi at present,
not participating. I've gotten 2 of my frieds to buy A6s tho! Still trying
to sell the Lotus and a few of the BMWs in which case will probably get one
of the new S-avants.

Samir Shah, Stamford, CT.

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