4kqt test drive?? Boston area?

Michael Gough mdg3369 at mac.com
Sun Feb 17 16:35:09 EST 2002

> I thought the rumors of vaporising tires in second and even third would
> be enough.  I think Javad was having a problem melting clutches...  I
> briefly drove Marc's when it was just a "stock" MC setup (with some
> p&p?) and it was certainly quick... but it's gonna be a lot quicker.

I dunno about vaporizing the tires in second and thrid, but even my mild JT
turbo running 7-8psi gets a nice chirp shifting to second. Even running 8psi
on an MC or JT in the 4kq, its soooo much faster that stock you'll never
regret doing the conversion. When you get it running at 15psi, you'll wonder
how in the world you ever got through life without the turbo!
In another week or two I'll have the EFI installed and be running in the
mid-low 14s in the quarter mile, faster than most cars on the road. I didn't
need any test drive :) If you need a test drive to decide if you want the
conversion, you need to do some more research!

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