turbo emissions test

Stpndsmnn at aol.com Stpndsmnn at aol.com
Mon Feb 18 02:41:27 EST 2002

I am not exactly sure what your test entails in MA but I am going to share my
last DEQ experience with you.

I have a front drive CGT that I performed a bolt on style conversion to:
Anyhow I went to the DEQ for my inspection figuring I wouldn't pass but I had
a few tricks up my sleeve.  At this point my car is running with none of the
factory emissions controls including the cat, charcoal canister, rebreather,
etc...  also my exhaust is a very non-factory 2.5 inch dumping out in front
of the rear wheel on the driver side.

I finally get up to the first "official"  they ask for my papers and what
kind of car I have, also they ask if it is quattro...  I think briefly and
figure since they can't put a 4kq, or 5kqt on the dyno my car won't really
hurt anything...  I tell them it is quattro and they don't blink twice, they
just put me in the non-dyno line.  I snicker a little but I realize that if
the technician knows anything about cars the jig is up.

Finally I pull up to the tech and pop the hood, he gives everything the once
over and says....     nothing!!    hooks up his rpm gizzy and goes looking
for the tail pipe.  After a couple of seconds I get out and point to the side
dump expecting him to at least raise a brow at the 3 inch tip but still
nothing.   I chuckle to myself as he sets up the sniffer.  After holding the
revs at whatever rpm for however long he prints out the paper for me and
walks over to the car.  Instead of telling me that I failed NOx or my CO is
off the chart he asks me if I want to purchase my tabs today!!!!   He never
even did the mirror sweep looking for the cat!

It gets even better though,  he notices that my DMV record says non-Q so he
changes it to read Quattro so I never have that problem again.  To think
before this I didn't really like the DMV.

Now I have clean tabs for 2 more years, and I have an extremely rare (in the
US) CGTq...     I can't reccomend that anyone else follow this course of
action or that your results will be the same but it is pretty amazing for an
18 yr old car with almost 200K miles..

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