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Mon Feb 18 12:12:37 EST 2002

If the car is a NON-Quattro then it wont fit.  The tanks are different from
the quattro to the non-quattro.  You can use a tank from ANY type 44 q, from
the 86 5kq to the V8q, they are all the same.

86 5ktq (tankless also)
89 200tqa

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>       While touring my local junkyard this morning, I noticed an '86 Turbo
>with the tank out. The hatch was off the tank and the inside looked clean.
>recalled that the original post on this subject stated that a used tank was
>$500.00. I checked on the price (the car was Turbo but not a Quattro, not
>sure of interchange), the price was $35.00 with a guarantee. If this helps
>anyone, it is at Bill's Auto Parts, Cumberland/Central Falls, RI.

Well, it might have. After talking with the mechanic,
we agreed on a lower price for the tank and labor. So
I'll have them do the work. Still a big hit to the
wallet, but not as bad as the original estimate.

Now it has to be trouble free for another 4 months.

'89 200 TQ, "Born Again Puppy"

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