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Mon Feb 18 22:22:04 EST 2002

So I can now send you private posts that are mime encoded?  Let's not forget
Phil that none of the posts I put forward were privates to you (not even cc'd
to you in fact).  You also didn't put in your subject line that any of the
posts were "private", and I didn't (and don't?) have any other way to respond
but to the lists.  What was I to do, or was this a one way deal?

>>Leaving the fuel injection system closed during head removal excludesa very
>>important variable on reassembly.  We've actually debated thisat very
considerable >>length - not only does it offer benefits for theunskilled
mechanic - it also excludes >>the sh1t variable for theprofessional.  In
Martyn Smith's own words: "If you don't >>HAVE to openthe fuel system -

The unskilled mechanic can go to the same supermarket and buy rubber bands
and some freezer bags.  I shop at Dominicks here in Chicago.  I recently went
really fancy, spend 20 bux on those cool multicolored vacuum plugs most
autoparts stores sell.  As a point in fact, one could easily argue you spill
more fuel and risk more contamination changing a fuel filter covered in road

>>Yes,I'm in the business - but like Scott Mockry I believe that
publicationand >>education are important aspects of marketing.I'd be a little
more inclined to read >>some of the effluent from Scott if he contributed
something equivalent himself.  And >>then WE could allreview THAT!

It would require that you do some archive searching, but I know you can find
dozens to review, without me sharing a cold (or warm) one with anybody.  That
should make them easy targets, feel free Phil, they're not hard to find.

Ease up man.  I tried to help refine the procedure you posted.  Sorry to hear
you took it so personally.  Unfortunately for us all, you can't seem to
answer any questions of the procedure from one that's done them.  Then fine
Phil, leave it as it sits, and drop it, no sweat dude.

Thanks in advance for tolerating my effluence.

SOL in Chicago

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