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Tue Feb 19 05:37:59 EST 2002

I fail to see the holes in my financial argument.
Whenever I've had car payments, they've always been
under $250 a month.  For a car that's under factory
warranty and is on the upside of the depreciation

A car over 100k miles, while over the hump
depreciation wise, still really isn't worth beans.
Ever try selling a car with 150k+ miles on it?  It's
very difficult to realize any amount for it, which
means that your purchase cost and any (costly) repairs
you've done to it are simply gone.  Most cars with
100k miles plus on them have several key components
that wear out and cost a rather large amount of money
to replace.  For example, the clutch on my A4 is a 10
hour job labor wise to replace.  That's a job I'd not
want to undertake in my gravel driveway and would cost

I fail to see why it would be financially advantageous
to own a car that's rapidly depreciating and will need
expensive repairs, even if it means no car payment.
Obviously if a car payment is $500+ a month, then I
see your point, but not at $250 or less...


--- Brendan <coolian at> wrote:
> >It seems that I've struck a chord here with list
> >members, many of whom drive cars that are 15+ years
> >old and have well over 200k miles.
> I think you are mixing two different ideas in one
> statement in your email.
> Your financial argument doesn't seem terribly well
> thought-out, with holes
> in the numbers, but your "I need a car that has high
> uptime" is completely
> subjective and understandable. If you don't enjoy
> wrenching on your own car
> with the possibility of it being down more than a
> new one, that's cool. A
> new car will probably serve you well in this
> respect, but you should
> realize that if a person is willing to take their
> chances, the used car
> "100k+" route is much cheaper financially, but much
> more expensive if
> saving your time is more important than saving your
> money.
> Just realize there are two different lines of
> thought in your "100k"
> assessment.
> Brendan

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