4kq top speed & gears (turbo conv. FAQ)

Nate Stuart newt at newtsplace.com
Wed Feb 20 09:01:31 EST 2002

Ok, this has been asked several times in the last couple days so I added
it to my new turbo converter's FAQ at:
Feel free to add/correct anything you feel fit.

'89 90tq

Steve Arbaugh wrote:
> Ok, so for those of us planning our turbo conversion well in advance (ok,
> more of a dream at this point), I find myself in a quandary. While the
> higher gearing of the 4k trans would make the car squirt quite nicely from
> point to point, it's rather busy on the freeways, turning mid-3000 rpm's at
> typical speeds, or more. So, put in the higher-geared 5k trans, but does it
> fit? Will the shaft to the rear diff bolt right up? If it doesn't fit, what

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