4kq lights painted... with pic!

Veetesse veetesse at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 20 11:16:10 EST 2002

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Greg and those following the thread...

I found the Testor's Smoked tint spray at a local hobby shop (used for tint=
ing model car windows) and used it on the tail lights and front turn indica=
tors of my 89 GTI.  It was easy enough to apply and will get just as dark a=
s you want depending on how many coats you apply.  A number of even light c=
oats seemed to work better than trying to get it all on at once, but that's=
 basically true of all rattle-can painting.

I did not use the proper clear coat after applying the smoke tint, so it ev=
entually wore off after 6-8 months (especially if you go crazy with the pow=
er washer/car wash wand).  No biggie, it just went back to normal stock col=
ors and didn't peel, flake or look messy.  Kind of a gradual fade.

Overall, I liked the look and it was easy to do, plus a ton cheaper than th=
e smoked lenses they sold for the car.  I went for a more subdued, subtle l=
ook, not the full on rice look.  When I get the chance, I'm going to try th=
e same thing on the amber parts of my 86 4kcsq lights.

BTW Greg,, I'm also in Cincinnati, did I per chance see you on 71 North dur=
ing evening rush hour in northern Kentucky about a month ago in your 4kq?  =
I was driving my red 86 4kcsq (Mark Rice's old car). The one I saw seemed m=
ore silver and I don't remember the V8 looking lights. Is that a recent add=
ition?  Another Cincinnati lister perhaps?

Elliott Bavely

86 4000CS Quattro
83 GTI FSP Racey car
83 GTI 16V
90 VW Cabriolet

>I have to concur, those taillights look great.  and I'm a fan of amber
>turn signals... though I guess they still light up amber, right?
>This solves the problem of how ugly amber lenses will look against
>yellow paint on the coupe...
>> Just wanted to add that there also is a Testors Smoked Tint spray,
>> those craving the blacked-out look like the mid-90s VW lenses.
>> I've read that the Testors coating should be followed up with an
>> automotive clear coat, as the Testors paint wasn't meant to weather
>> outdoors.

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