a/c belt will -not- go on

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Feb 20 14:05:26 EST 2002


PS pump was a breeze once I snuck the extensions in the right way.
Now I'm back at the A/C compressor trying to get the new belt on.

Similarly a tight fit. I've tried looping it around the compressor
completely then fitting it to the engine, and the opposite.  I've
tried prying with screwdrivers etc, succeeding only in scratching the
pulley etc.

I tried completely removing the back lower bolt, because it looked
like it was holding the compressor from returning completely...nope.
I tried using the adjuster cog to get the compressor closer, no
luck...it looks like there's a little more travel to it, but it just
won't budge.  Something's clearly not right here, since both the
other belts were a breeze.  Do I have to completely take the
compressor -off- just to get the belt on?


PS:is the ps pump pulley supposed to pop in+out a little bit, and
similarly, is it supposed to offer resistance once per revolution, or
twice?  Mine only put up a fight once per revolution...
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