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Wed Feb 20 14:31:34 EST 2002

At 11:07 AM -0800 2/20/02, Dupree, Jim wrote:
>Blau sells a wire harness to plug the euro H4's into the Dot stock wiring. I
>have been told there are some other places that sell a harness  as well. The
>harness will only work if you are getting complete light assembles not just

The Blau harness is actually sitting on the floor here waiting for
installation.  The quality of assembly is second to none; everything
is very professionally arranged, consistently color-coded,
crimped/shrink wrapped; you even get a wire up to the passenger
compartment(wiring, switch and mounting hardware) included that
allows you to switch the aux high beams on/off if you so desire, and
additional connectors/wiring to accommodate separation of the aux
high beam from the main high beam wiring.)  They included a plethora
of mounting hardware, a circuit breaker with fuse, and all connectors
to, for example, splice onto the parking light bulbs for the city
lights.  There were also explicit instructions that came with the
harness(which I can't find anymore, and have had enormous trouble
trying to contact Blau to get a new copy of thanks to their
voicemail-from-hell system.)  I would have preferred proper high-temp
tubing for the wiring, but that sort of thing is tough to get, and
multiconductor cable would have probably been much more expensive.

This is in stark contrast to the "Todd Candy Motorsports" harness
that I ordered originally.  The relays are housed in boxes that had
silicone sealant slathered all over them; the wiring consisted of
A/C(120V) heavy duty appliance cord; the "plugs" to hook into the
stock harness consisted of what looked like the kind of crap your
kids put into little molds+place in an ez-bake oven, wiring was all
too short, and one of the connectors was mis-wired backwards.  No
mounting hardware, no fuses, no nothing save two boxes with dangling
wires.  I paid about the same amount of money for both; Todd's took
MONTHS to START to get out to people who had purchased them.  Tons of
BS excuses and problems with suppliers.  I was on the phone every
other day with him listening to whining about why they were not ready.

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