Euro lenses only?

Avi Meron avim at
Wed Feb 20 12:27:07 EST 2002

Hi Chris,
Yes "per design" no question about it..................

But, and here is the big NEVER know for sure till
YOU TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Engineering parameters none withstanding!

So long as Stephan does not mind the expense of the DOT lights and the
expense of the Lenses and of course his time, I would suggest go for it!
Just be ready to end up with "not much" in the end...........

As the old rule of gambling goes, "don't gamble with anything" you are not
ready to loose!

You all take care now,

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The Euro lenses were designed to work with the mirror curvature and the
location of the light source inside the Euro housing.  Any deviation will
ruin the light distribution and pattern.


'88 Audi 90.

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A couple of comments and threads lately have got me wondering..

Can I buy only Euro lenses (not the whole light assembly) and 'bodge' them
onto my DOT housings?  I'm pretty good at 'bodging'  ;)

If yes, where does one get them?



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