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josh Wyte josh_wyte at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 20 17:13:33 EST 2002

I must've failed to mention that I never buy a brand
new car.  I usually pick up cars that are 3 years old
with under 40k miles on them.

In the case of audi's and bmw's this works exceedingly
well as many people lease these cars, so the dealer
has quite an assortment available used on their lots.
Since both Audi and BMW do free maintenance for the
first 4yrs/50,000 miles I know the cars have been
maintained.  Both companies also certify the car for
an additional 2 years and 50,000 miles with bumper to
bumper warranty's with $50 deductibles.

My top price to pay for a car like the above is
$25,000.  I usually net at least $12,000 from the sale
of my old car, so I have loan amounts of anywhere from
$8-12,000, which over a 4 year note equates to $250 or

Take my current '97 A4 quattro.  I bought it for
$19,xxx with 35k miles on it and a warranty to 75k.
(Audi has since increased it to 100k, but
unfortunately that doesn't count for me)  I had
$12,000 to put down from my last car and I took out a
$8000 loan for 4 years with payments of $210 a month.

So I ended up with a nice, newer car, with a
substantial amount of warranty for under $220 a month.
 Now it's true that I could've bought one from a
private party for less, but since I've claimed over
$2000 in warranty repairs in the 18 months and 30k
miles I've driven the car I'm very happy with my
decision to buy from the dealer.


--- james accordino <ssgacc at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I don't mean to beat you up Josh, but can you show
> me
> how to get an S4 for under $250. per month.  Last
> new
> vehicle I bought was an '87 F-250 for about $16,700.
> $300 per month for 5 yrs.  I thought S4s were more
> money than $17k.
> Jim Accordino
> --- josh Wyte <josh_wyte at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I fail to see the holes in my financial argument.
> > Whenever I've had car payments, they've always
> been
> > under $250 a month.  For a car that's under
> factory
> > warranty and is on the upside of the depreciation
> > equation.
> >
> >
> > I fail to see why it would be financially
> > advantageous
> > to own a car that's rapidly depreciating and will
> > need
> > expensive repairs, even if it means no car
> payment.
> > Obviously if a car payment is $500+ a month, then
> I
> > see your point, but not at $250 or less...
> >
> > -josh
> >
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