'87 5ktqa - EM r&r - while I'm at it - clutch too

Ben Swann bswann at worldnet.att.net
Wed Feb 20 21:09:18 EST 2002

Original question from Ben Swann:
> > My big question of the day is regarding when and
> how to get at the clutch -
> > before removing head, while head is removed, or
> after?  How can I most
> > easily do this - move the engine up and out, or
> should I drop trans.
> > despite the fact I'll be halfway to removing
> motor?
{Phil answered - Yes pull the motor}

[I have to agree.  At this point you've remove the head
and all the ancillaries, including the front end (for
the timing belt), so you might as well just lift the
block out.  I've done this and it's not so bad.  I got
a "cherry picker" (engine hoist) from Harbor Freight
yrs. ago after renting one about 15 times.  They cost
less than $300. and if you do alot of your own work,
they'll come in very handy.  They also break down, so
it's not like you've got this huge thing hanging
around (although I now do).  If you just want it this
1 time, they rent fairly cheap.

Jim Accordino]

I recently did the timing belt, etc in the other avant without removing any front-end.  Intercooler came out though.

I read a procedure in Haynes(Yes I have Bentley too) that I need to remove the front bumper.

Why?  Is it really in the way of pulling the engine out.

Can I get the engine out with downpipe attached?

Any other caveats???  I may start tommorrow.



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