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Thu Feb 21 18:43:49 EST 2002

You also have to remember that a lot of German engineering is overdone
the extent that some things get overly complex to its detriment.

As seen in WWII- the overengineering and overdiversification of small
design by the Germans caused logistical and training problems as well as
preventing enough production of one design to make a significant impact.
European theater would have been different if the Germans had widespread
of weapons like the MP44 rather than KAR98K Mauser bolt-actions.

The same is seen in the hydraulic system of the type 44s- why did they
a 150 bar hydraulic system for brake and steering assist when separate
steering assist and vacuum brake assist have been proven systems way
before the
type 44 was even designed? It's funny that they abandoned this system
after the
C4 chassis.

I'd like to hear if anyone has had experience w/ the Bilstein engine
service- I had it done to my old Pathfinder w/ no noticeable difference,
that truck was immaculately maintained by yours truly anyway.


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Why is it if it's made in
>Germany it's good stuff and if it's made in the USA it's crap.

because germany will kick your @ss at just about anything. =) it is
often the sad truth... jr

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