wet carpet in the 4kq

Greg Wolters GJWArch at 95959.com
Fri Feb 22 12:21:58 EST 2002

I would suggest the sunroof drains or window seals.  In the Bently I think
they discuss a rear sunroof drain that can only be accessed by pulling back
the headliner above the rear door.  I think the front ones are exposed when
the roof is open.  Let me know if you need more info from the Bentley.

Good Luck!

94 S4
86 4KCSQ

nwloves wrote:

> Well all I seem to have a wet floor situation with the rear passenger side
> carpet.
> The trunk is dry and the door seals visually look to be great the windows
> are rolled up, the sunroof is closed and there is a lot of water (not damp
> but wet)
> It is confined only to that area.
> Any experienced listers know where the water might be coming from?
> It's an '86 4kcsq.

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