[urq] A6 vs URQ performance?

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Fri Feb 22 17:30:03 EST 2002

With considerations toward voided warranties and blown turbos aside <g>,
a chipped A6tt 6-speed would be a blast.

I disagree w/ Scott in re: sport suspension- the PSK version is
lacking, the PST w/ larger 17" wheels may be better, but with these
I'd be inclined to immediately install the accessory Audi sport springs
and some Bilstein Sports or consider coilovers for the well-matched
rate to shock tuning, not the ride height adjustability, although the
height adjustability is nice in that you can corner-weight the car
and only drop the car a little rather than a lot.

Were it not for the blown turbo concerns, the A6tt would be the upgrade
choice for me- may still be once they come down in price w/ depreciation
and once bigger turbo kits become available for the car. 307hp chipped,
350 easily attainable w/ downpipes and exhaust, a dual K04 running 12psi
sounds like just the ticket for a large margin of safety, esp. adding
bypass valves and full Samco hoses to prevent TBB failure, F-hose
and all of the other numerous failures seen in the S4tt.


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