'87 5ktqa - EM r&r - while I'm at it - clutch too

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 22 14:43:33 EST 2002

I don't think it's that you CAN'T do it with all the
front end attached, for me it was much easier to do it
that way.  With air tools, the front end comes off in
no time.  If I was outside, in inclement weather or
was really pressed in some other way, maybe I would
try it.  For me it's just not worth it.

Jim Accordino

> I recently did the timing belt, etc in the other
> avant without removing any front-end.  Intercooler
> came out though.
> I read a procedure in Haynes(Yes I have Bentley too)
> that I need to remove the front bumper.
> Why?  Is it really in the way of pulling the engine
> out.
> Can I get the engine out with downpipe attached?
> Any other caveats???  I may start tommorrow.
> Ben

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