My Appologies to All Audi list Members

james accordino ssgacc at
Fri Feb 22 15:05:35 EST 2002

I was so pissed I sent him another more rotten e-mail
after he e-mailed me again.  This guy just doesn't get
it.  He definitely picked the wrong crowd to try and
pitch this stuff to.  I was also amazed how fast the
FTC link came up. (thanks Tucker)  As far as
recommending something, I think most people on the
list know who posts they can trust, and hosers who
just "join" or otherwise show up to sell us some crap.
 You can always ignore lister info, usually at your
own risk, but if somethings not right, no matter what
someone will have the guts to call it.  That is so

Jim Accordino

> I think this could be a lesson for some of us.  If
> we have good results
> from a product like this, be wary about boasting
> such things to people who
> spend countless hours working on their vehicles to
> get to the next level.
> If someone decides to shamelessly promote a product,
> be even more aware.
> Enjoy all you Audi people. Tomorrow the 4ksq gets
> and alignment and
> installment of the 3 season tires.
> Brad Russell
> 84 4ksq ~203K

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