Limerock events, DE's.

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Sun Feb 24 08:27:10 EST 2002

Hey all...

Speaking loosely of Limerock and gatherings, there are several DE's that
myself, the beast (the GT) and perhaps my CSQ will be at, and misery
(right..) loves company.  Neil has been a frequenter of BMW events (200
20VQ), as has Jon Linkov (97? A4 2.8Q), and the mysterious S4 groupies....

In any event, as always it would be great to see someone other than me show
up with an Audi, even if it's just to check the scene out.  So, on that note,
here are the dates I anticipate driving at Limerock..

4/20 (BMWCCA Patroon Chapter)
4/26,27 (Alfa Club)
6/5,6 (Audi Club, perhaps...)
6/14 (CT Valley BMWCCA)
10/25,26 (BMWCCA Patroon, CT Valley)

In addition, there is a PCA race that we'll be in the first weekend in May
(the silver bullet - #119 924S Class H) and two or perhaps three Walkins Glen
dates.  Should be a blast, hope that some of you can make it out there, as
always we'd love to see you...

Carter J
Kwattro at
1986 4000CS Quattro (princess)
1986 Coupe GT (The Beast, too much to list)

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