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Keith Davidson keithd80 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 25 03:17:14 EST 2002

First posting,please be gentle.
I just bought a 1984 5ks non-turbo,I have replaced the heater blower
motor.When I turn the key on the motor runs at a slower speed,but still
turns.All the control motors work from the faceplate and the AC seems to be
charged.I have noticed that when I turn the key on,the radiator fan will
turn on(or off) from the faceplate controls.It will run except on ECON.And
this is whether I have set the temp higher or lower.When I sat with the
engine running(checking for a radiator leak)the rad fan will go on and off
in intervals.But, the interior fan for the AC setting(Temp set to 60)will
come on after a few minutes and blow cool air not cold.I am in Portland ,OR
and it was in the low 60`s but sunny and warm for my idle experiment.And how
would I check the blower motor control to see if it is good or bad?

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