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Doug Hill badoug at
Mon Feb 25 06:21:22 EST 2002

my car came up clean as well, with exception for failing emissions be fore I
bought it then a week later it passed( I bought it from the dealer here.)
THe funny thing is when the car was rear ended lasrt summer that never
showed. Hmmm oh well
Doug Hill
87 4kcs quattro

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>Subject: Re: Free Carfax
>Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 12:04:25 -0500
>Just ran my Red Audi V8 and my wife's Blazer through the system. Red
>Audi had a light hit in the rear last year (didn't scratch bumper cover,
>bent trim and blew out absorbers), did $1K worth of damage, FHP police
>report filed, ticket issued to other driver. Wife's Blazer - $3500.00
>front ender 2 years ago, police report filed (Orlando PD).
>Both Carfax came up clean as a whistle... Just remember that it is good
>for spotting title issues like odometer problems, laundered titles, etc.
>But when it comes to accidents not involving a total, don't bet anything
>on it...

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