Dave Pisciotta dave_pisciotta at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 25 17:34:05 EST 2002

List members,
  Just FYI, I recently had a very positive buying experience when purchasing
a new/rebuilt alternator.  Upon the advice of a few list members I enlisted
the Services of fellow lister Avi Meron who runs www.ultranator.com  The
product was excellent, and shipping and service could not have been more
prompt and cordial.  To boot these "ultranators" are upgraded versions of
the stock units with uprated charging voltage, and a higher current
capacity.  I realize many listers have already heard of or dealt with Avi
but I just felt it was common courtesy to share my experiences for those who
haven't or for the skeptics amongst us.  Usual disclaimers apply, I have no
vested interest in ultranator and your experiences may vary.


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