Buzzing under back seat Type 44

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Feb 25 20:55:49 EST 2002

At 5:23 PM -0700 4/25/02, Adam Jansen wrote:

>Ever since I bought my 87 5KCSQ there has been a low buzzing under
>the back seat (outside car).
>What is causing that?  Is it the fuel pump?  Should it making that much noise?

Yes, that's the fuel pump.  It can usually be heard quite loudly with
the rear seat removed; with the seat, you should be somewhat hard
pressed to hear it.  Many fuel pumps can be heard outside the car.

>Reason I ask is that for the third time in a week that buzzing sound
>changed pitch (got higher and MUCH louder) and then the car started
>running really rough, like it was starved for gas.  If I turn the
>car off and back on, it runs fine...  Do I need to replace my fuel

Well, the funny noise is certainly a dead giveaway.  It could be the
fuel pump relay, but I think that's doubtful given the change in
noise you heard.

I'd order a pump mail order, see about getting the tool, etc and be
all lined up to go when it dies, or just outright replace it as soon
as is convenient.  Run the tank down as much as possible, otherwise
you either have to wear gloves etc, or drain the tank(you should
never allow gasoline to sit on your hands, like used motor oil, its a
proven carcinogen.)

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